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What can we do for you? Do you want to join our email updates? We never sell addresses, we don’t bombard you with solicitations, just occasional event notices and an annual membership renewal reminder.

If you are on this page because you wanted to sign up for our newsletter we have great news! Well sort of… we are not producing a newsletter any longer. Yea! for the environment and associated publishing costs.  We analyzed the facts and the numbers. We found that our newsletter was not economical or effective in communicating what we are doing. Our newsletter was costing more than the donations brought in. We came to the conclusion that money we spent on the newsletter could be better spent on other park projects.
Instead, we are focused on the website. We have switched to a membership reminder card which is inexpensive and straightforward.  We drop you a little note to remind you to renew your membership or visit our web page for current information about Friends of Moran and our beautiful park. We have volunteer webmasters that keep our website and you up to date.
We do recognize that a paperless communication is not a substitute for communication so if you don’t have access give us a phone call and we’ll drop an update of our efforts and accomplishments in the mail to you.
Our Summit Gift Shop phone is
(Sometimes you may get our answering machine so please leave us a message.  We try to return calls as promptly as we can.)
Our address is:
Friends of Moran
P.O. Box 1961
Eastsound, WA 98245

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